Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mango lassi

Mangoes of my heart, how I love thee.

Mangoes are one of those fruits that I learned to appreciate later in life. As much as I love them raw and fresh, I love them even more in creamy ice creams, or strewn through yoghurt with a little honey. But my absolute favourite way of eating them is to turn them into a mango lassi. I've made a few variations of this before, but this one is special as it combines mangoes with one of my top three spices; the delightfully fragrant cardamom.

ease: 5/5. prep time: 4mins.
cooking time: 1min to blend.
total: 5mins.

taste: 4/5. I had to score it lower as Ryan does not share my love for cardamom - it seems I will still be searching for the perfect mango lassi recipe.

would I make it again: Sort of - I will have to tweak it a little, perhaps less cardamom, more mango and maybe a touch of honey?


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