Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cauliflower Fritters with Parmesan

As the new place is taking up a lot of my time, for now I am going to cut out the 'Some Facts About' part. I will just purely rate the recipe and put pics of my outcome.

EASE:3/5. Cooking twice.
Prep time: 18mins. To boil cauliflower and mix with other prepared ingredients.
Cooking time: 8mins. I cooked each side about 1min til they were browned.
TOTAL: 26mins. I 1/4 the recipe so I only made 4 fritters - total time would probably be closer to an 45mins if you followed recipe as is.

TASTE: 2.5/5.
Not much flavour. I found mine were a little under cooked and bland. Definitely needed the cheese on top and more seasoning.

Would I make again: No.
Not tasty enough for me. Ryan did eat his though. I served these with a chicken marinated in lemon, oil and salt and pepper.


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