Saturday, November 8, 2008

Creme Au Nutella

Image is Helen's from Tartlette - I forgot to take photos of mine before we polished them all off.

Ah Nutella, my Achilles heel.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Nutella was my best friend. I would spend at least one hour a day with Nutella and my teaspoon whilst I watched a movie, most often Chocolat (one of my favourites). At first we took the relationship slow, and as time went on I introduced a tablespoon, and then a wooden spoon, and the a whole measuring cup. It was not long before I was eating half of the largest tub of Nutella I could get each day.

Combined with my love of other sugary foods, and my aversion to exercise, I soon packed on the kilos and it wasn't long before my parents, between arguments, actually noticed I had gone up two sizes in two months; no small feat by any means. After that, Nutella was told to never come back to our house. It was hard at first, but slowly, I got used to its absence.

Years went by; I grew up, moved out of my parents house, and made a home with my fiance and our dog. In the beginning, at my fiance's request, I bought Nutella, but it wasn't long until the tablespoons were coming out, so I stopped buying it. And as with me the first time, although initially distraught, my fiance soon forgot about it.

It has been over two years since I last bought Nutella, for the simple reason I could not trust myself around it. And then I stumbled upon this recipe; but as I am now engaged and getting married in 3 months, my relationship with Nutella will be that of friendship, occasional visits, but no sleepovers.

ease: 4/5. There is whipping and stove top work involved.
prep time:
14mins. 10mins to melt chocolate into cream whilst beating the eggs and sugar. And then 5mins to thicken on the stove.
cooking time:
2hours to refrigerate and whip cream.
2hours 14mins - only about 17mins hands on time though.

4.5/5. These are SUPER rich. Small servings are best as they are so chocolatey that water is definitely needed every couple of spoonfuls. It is velvety smooth with a deep chocolate taste. I also put a spoonful of Nutella down the bottom like Helen from Tartlette did.
would I make it again:
Yes. Nicer than other mousse recipes I have tried.

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