Friday, November 7, 2008

Tomato, feta & basil quiche

The trees are shaking their leaves angrily whilst the rain drums down onto the concrete. Weather like this makes me want to also makes me hungrier.

I was going to make a classic salad of feta, cherry tomatoes and basil, but it felt too summery for today's weather, I needed something warm and cheesy. So I turned my salad into a quiche. As I was not planning on making this today I made a few errors, like forgetting to put the cheese on the bottom, so I put it on the top. I also did not bother to bake for as long as directed - I halved each baking time and used 4 single tart pans.

Before this home I never really had a garden with flowers. So far through two seasons there has been an abundance of flowers and I have taken an abundance of pictures. I don't know the names of most them (due to my genetic lack of a green thumb). Once I get a better camera I will probably take some better pictures, but for now they will have to suffice.

3.5/5. You have to bake twice.
prep time:
30mins to blind bake and make filling.
cooking time:
20mins. My four little tarts were cooked in this time.
total: 50mins.

3.5/5. Not bad, the fresh ingredients on the top make the dish. I also sprinkled some balsamic on it as it was a little dry.

would I make it again: No.


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