Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snickers Macarons

Ah, at last, a ray of sunshine to burn through the gray denseness and chilling winds. There is simply nothing that can raise your spirits and inject energy into your body like dazzling sunshine; pure love I say.

Whilst my morning involved Chai and biscuits during a catch up with my Mama, my early afternoon was spent curled up on the couch, hood over my head and sleeves pulled down past my fingers, watching Masterchef, followed by Celebrity Masterchef. And then it happened, it was as if the room had been lit by a million fairy lights. Glorious sunshine streamed through my window; so off came the hooded sweatshirt, and on came my pale pink apron.

I opened my fridge and found 3 eggwhites left over from a previous recipe. Perfecto! What a great excuse to try my hand at some more macarons. Immediately I searched Tartlette's website for a macaron recipe and decided on the devilishly delicious Snickers macarons.

Although I had all the ingredients on hand, I still have not bought a proper piping kit - so once again I will have to try my best to make even circles by hand - here's hoping.

ease: 1.5/5. Once again these are not easy, and this recipe has a lot of extra cooking for the filling. There is also a lot of washing involved.
prep time: 1hour 20mins. It takes around 20mins to make and pipe the macarons onto the baking paper. Whilst they are hardening for an 1 hour you make the chocolate ganache, salted caramel sauce and peanut butter marshmallow fudge.
cooking time: 24mins - I cooked three trays for 8mins each.
total: 1hour 44mins.

taste: 3/5. I like the caramel sauce and nougat but I had problems with everything- my chocolate seemed to seize up so maybe the cream was too hot. My caramel sauce turned gluggy upon cooling and was not very sauce-like. I also found I had to reheat the nougat as it became much too sticky to even use, like viral chewing gum. My macarons on the otherhand, came out gorgeously! Yes, they have tiny frilly feet, and I forgot to push down the little bumps on top before letting them dry, but apart from that I am fairly happy. Will make them a little bigger next time (hopefully with my piping bag).

would I make it again: No. Not this recipe as the filling was too time consuming, but will definitely make some macarons again if I have left over eggwhites.


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