Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby BLT breakfast sandwich amuse-bouche

Surprises - unexpected ones I do not like, planned surprises however I revel in.

I am one of those annoying people who like to plan everything and always know what is going on or what we are going to do - right down to each meal we eat. I don't know why I am so averse to the unanticipated and spur of the moment, but I just am.

Yet, I love planning surprises for others, whether as small as bringing home an unanticipated sweet treat or something larger like skydiving as a 21st birthday gift. As my husband, brother, father and myself all work from home, I make them lunch everyday, most often consisting of a fried or pressed cheese and meat sandwich. Nothing special but it fills the spot and it takes me only 5mins. As you can imagine though, it does get a little boring after a few days so every now and then I surprise them with something different. Although this recipe is in the 'bread' field it packs a whole lot more flavour, nutrition and excitement into a work lunch.

ease: 5/5.
prep time:
cooking time: 10mins.
total: 15mins.

taste: 4/5. Everyone would have preferred this on a Turkish pide or some other much-easier-to-eat-bread - the french stick was just too awkward. Flavour wise this delivered. For me I first tasted the deep savoury sweetness of the balsamic followed by the garlicky bread and soft egg which was then washed away by the tartly sweet tomato before finishing with the garlicky spinach and then the sweet basil to round it all off. The boys also had salty bacon in that mix.

I used a store bought balsamic reduction glaze.

would I make it again: Yes
- with a different bread and perhaps a shaving of Parmesan.

recipe: Baby BLT breakfast sandwich amuse-bouche


  1. Very appetizing! A great treat!



  2. This looks amazingly delicious. I really liked Jamie on Top Chef and was sad when she left.

  3. This looks fantastic, love the simpleness of this recipe. Your presentation is very elegant!

  4. That looks incredible! I do adore surprised...planned much like you :) this is great. The parmesan addition would be lovely too!