Friday, August 7, 2009

Chocolate chip cookies

"Me not take cookies, me eat cookies."
Cookie Monster

Out of all the colourful, fuzzy creatures who live on Sesame St, the big electric blue fur ball covered in chocolate chip cookie crumbs was always my favourite. Although he is practically a garbage disposal unit, devouring everything from sweets to picture frames, chocolate chip cookies were his favourite.

I must admit that cookies are not high on my list of sweet treats, I would always opt for fudgy chocolate brownies or donuts, but cookies always got their turn if I was having a tall glass of cold soy milk or a warm milky tea, perfect for dunking. Whilst Oreos and squiggly tops (before I realised they contain gelatin) are my favourites, chocolate chip cookies sit nicely in the 3rd position. My favourite kind are the over sized, Soft King/Mrs Field's-esque chewy ones with large chocolate chunks.

I was hoping these would end up being a close imitation.

ease: 5/5.
prep time: 15mins to get two batches into the oven.
cooking time: 11mins - I did three double trays with 8 cookies.
total: 48mins to make 40 cookies.

taste: 3/5. The heavily sweet molasses sugar was too overpowering, I could barely taste the chocolate in them. The cookies were also cakey rather than chewy and very crispy on the edges. They are OK, but not the best. The also spread like wildfire, so make 2tsp size balls and spread them far apart.

would I make it again: No.

recipe: Chocolate chip cookies


  1. Delicious looking! Those cookies are very tempting!



  2. If you could send a batch over this way, I think they need testing! They look fab.