Monday, August 24, 2009

Lychee and coconut tapioca pudding

The weather today was like the twilight zone.

I had just let my little furry munchkin out to pee when hail stones began to pelt down from a blue sky. I have never seen my dog run so fast in his life, I don't think he has ever been outside when it is hailing before, so he got a bit of a fright, and heavily drenched.

I sauntered into the bedroom to wake my sleeping husband to witness the sight. From the bed all he could see was sunshine and azure skies, but he heard the racket of the little drops of ice against the windows and roof and got up to see what was going on.

Lately our weather has been quite erratic and irregular, we have had gale winds for the past week which has caused extensive damage and the loss of life. I have heard that Adelaide has been experiencing 100kmh winds, crazy stuff, especially for the beginning of Spring.

The government has suggested people stay in their homes if possible, and away from their windows. Luckily I'm as happy as a Larry to stay indoors, I can cook and eat to my hearts content.

I'm expecting my dad to drop by and as he has taken a liking to tapioca, I fixed up another pudding, this time with a tropical twist using lychees, a flavour he loves in his juice drinks.

ease: 5/5.
prep time:
Overnight to soak tapioca.
cooking time: 10mins plus cooling time in the fridge (at least 1 hour).
total: 1 hour & 10mins plus overnight (but just 10mins actual work).

taste: 4/5. This would be heaven on a hot day. The first flavour you get is the sweet brown sugar, followed by the refreshingly sweet lychee, then the tart crunchy passionfruit before the creamy coconut tapioca and then the lychee coming in again at the end. The flavours go well; the passionfruit is essential as its sharp acidity helps to cut through the other different types of sweetness. The only downside was at the end, when it was just the coconut tapioca, it left a powdery residue in my mouth, which was weird. Otherwise a nice, light, cooling treat perfect for a hot night's dessert.

would I make it again: Yes - in hot weather, and hopefully with fresh lychees rather than canned.

recipe: Lychee and coconut tapioca pudding


  1. such pretty pictures! I love lychee and tapioca, so your dessert is making me drool!



  2. i never tried tapioca pudding - but will have o give this a try. sounds delicious!

  3. oh yum, this looks so summery. You're right, it would be lovely on a nice hot day with the warm sun tingly your skin. I can feel summer coming on!