Friday, August 21, 2009

Chocolate-chestnut self-saucing puddings

Winter is back with its chilly temperature, violent winds and torrents of rain, which makes it the perfect day for warm, gooey chocolate pudding.

I will probably be making quite a few chocolate/decadent desserts whilst the last eleven days of Winter fly by, after all, it will not be back for another nine months and I doubt I shall want such heavy and self-indulgent desserts in warm weather.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time:
cooking time: 25mins.
total: 55mins.

taste:4/5. Hubby liked these even though he found them a bit rich. I am a chocoholic but I actually find desserts made with cocoa rather than chocolate too rich for me. I didn't have shallow 2cup bowls so I used 6 1 & 1/2cup ramekins so they took a little longer to cook.
The cake itself has a deep cocoa taste and is also a little dry, which is fine as there was plenty of the thick, also heavy, sauce at the bottom of the dish. I couldn't really taste the chestnut in the chocolate cakes, but it came through the cream (I didn't add the Marsala as I thought it might overpower the chestnut).
The sauce had a stronger Marsala taste, with the raisins, unless you actually bite into a raisin you can't taste them. These were lovely enough, but I couldn't eat more than 3 spoonfuls. I can't seem to find a Dutch-process cocoa which might give a different taste to the regular baking cocoa I use, and not make it as rich and overpowering.
Side note: I actually found these to be less rich the next day after being heated up in the microwave.

would I make it again: No. I'd prefer a chocolate molten/lava cake to a pudding with sauce down the bottom.

recipe: chocolate-chestnut self-saucing puddings


  1. Those puddings look indecently scrumptious! I love that paste!



  2. The picture is amazing. You could have sent to Jugalbandi for the bi color food photography event.

    Chocolate is a sinful pleasure which you used ti make into a pudding. Lovely.

  3. I love your food photography :) Everything looks delicious that it makes me salivate!

    Will have to try some of these recipes one day!

  4. Despite the fact that you'll not make them again, these look amazing! I love that chestnut paste in those beautiful french tins! I always keep the empty ones to grow herbs in cause they're so pretty.

    Your photographs are wonderful!

  5. This might be my favorite dessert, I'm going to have to make this!!

  6. great i sit here proofing the chocolate book galley. never can get enough of chocolate. beautiful, truly.

  7. These are exactly what I'm craving. I only wish chestnut paste wasn't so difficult to find and expensive! Wonderful.



  8. I really like the sound of the chocolate and chestnut combo and the pudding looks great!

  9. I am a chocolate lover and the richer a dessert is, the happier I am! Thanks for sharing your recipe, it looks delicious!