Thursday, August 13, 2009

Banana & blueberry tarts

Freshly washed bed sheets are magical.

Slipping in between soft, crisp cool sheets fills me with joy, overwhelming satisfaction and comfort. As you can tell I find happiness in small things; I don't need rainbows and fireworks (although they are a turbo boost of happiness) to be chipper, I can be blissfully happy burrowing into my bed or waking up to a stream of sunshine misting my room with golden rays.

Whilst I may overall, be in a state of contentedness, my life is more frequently peppered with moments of happiness rather than pockets of negativity. On the whole, I think my state of mind tips the scale towards optimism. It's hard to stay angry or glum when being nuzzled by your dog or seeing a happy bird singing through the kitchen window.

On those days I wake up with a smile and a Disney-esque effervescence that would put most cartoon princesses to shame, I try to wring as much out of it as I can as you never know how long it will last. Today, after some light cleaning, I decided to pass on some of my cheer to my boys by making them an unexpected sunny treat as a tribute to a gloriously sunlit day.

ease: 5/5.
prep time: 8mins.
cooking time: 10mins.
total: 18mins.

taste: 3.5/5. The puff pastry gave the tart a lack of substantiality. The sweet bananas went beautifully with the tart, juicy blueberries but when eaten with the ice cream it turned into a soggy nothing- it wasn't filling in the slightest. Afterwards I tried one on its own once it cooled down and it was much better as the pastry had firmed up, hubby actually wanted more.

Watch as they cook - the recipe states 15mins but after 10 they were burning.

would I make it again: No, these were a little too light for me.

recipe: Banana & Blueberry Tarts


  1. A fantastic combo! Really scrumptious!



  2. I'm sorry the tarts weren't to your taste, they look amazing though. Your photography can make anything look amazing!

    I cant agree with you more, the simplest thing as fresh smelling sheets to the optimistic view in life. It's too short to be negative all the time, eh?! :)

  3. Wow YUM! I would eat this for breakfast!

  4. I totally agree with the bed sheets synopsis; warm and comforting like being tucked into bed as a baby!