Saturday, October 25, 2008

Banana pancake stacks with lime butter syrup

A Summer's day in Spring.
Although the sun was hidden behind a diaphanous cloak of haze, the dry 30C heat was very apparent. Our morning started quite lazily with a banana smoothie for breakfast followed by a nap on the deck next to my pride and joy, our dog Yoshi, who took the opportunity to work on his 'tan' today. Must remember to buy some sunscreen for his little nose...

Every now and again I head down to Leo's in Kew to pick up some not-so-common ingredients. On my last trip, one of my fabulous finds was palm sugar. I'd seen it in recipes before, but as I could not find it at my local supermarket (the only place I would do my shopping back in the day when I didn't know what fennel was) I would put them in my hard-to-find ingredient pile of recipes. When I started to shop at butchers, grocers, farmer's markets etc, I also ventured out to the nearby suburb of Kew to check out Leo's which I had heard great things about concerning their range of local and imported goodies and since then almost no recipe has had to be put in that pile.
During my languid afternoon, my stomach began it's grumbles and moans so I rustled up a little vim and searched for some recipes using palm sugar and found one involving possibly my favourite breakfast food; pancakes. Shedding my lovely pj's, I donned a summery dress and grabbed my bowl and whisk to whip up some Banana pancake stacks with lime butter syrup.

ease: 3.5/5. There is chopping, juicing and zesting involved.
prep time:
cooking time:
15mins to make all 8 pancakes. Only 3mins for the syrup.
25mins. Takes a little while, but it doesn't feel like it does.

4/5. The pancakes themselves were quite humdrum apart from the oozy banana pieces. The lime syrup really made this dish; I did alter this recipe a fair bit though:
  • I used two large bananas
  • I used the juice and zest of one lime (I did not cut thin strips, just grated it, as I didn't think I would like the texture of slices of lime) and added 1tbs of bottled lime juice (one of my limes was unusable and my remaining lime barely gave 1/2tsp worth of juice).
  • and I used 130g of palm sugar (didn't want it overly sweet)
I would definitely add more lime zest and juice next time, as the syrup was sweet but not 'limey' enough for me.

would I make it again: No. The pancakes weren't that crash hot, the lime syrup was lovely though so I may use it again for something else.


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