Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pear & blue cheese fritters

There's something strange about sultry nights; the cool breeze is comforting, almost like a lullaby in that it beckons you to lie down on crisp cool sheets and drift to sleep...well for me it does anyway. Resisting that urge I peeled myself off the couch to make something small and quick for dinner.

Donna Hay, whose cookbooks and magazines I have plenty of, recently added old recipes to their website, so I wasted now time in searching for one suitable to make this evening. After trying to decide between two recipes I chose to make, with the help of my lovely partner, the pear and blue cheese fritters.

ease: 4.5/5. Mix, spoon out and fry.
prep time: 8mins to mix everything together.
cooking time: 6mins to cook 11 fritters.
total: 14mins.

taste: 4/5. Make sure you season these well as the pear and onions tend to make this quite sweet. As they are fried in oil they are a little greasy too, but I didn't mind that much. I was hoping for a more pronounced blue cheese flavour, so next time I think I'll add 100g rather than 60g. I could not get fresh chives last minute so I used the tubes of chive they sell at the supermarkets.

would I make it again: Yes. They would be great with a salad for lunch.


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