Friday, October 17, 2008

Three berry butter cake

ease: 4/5. If you have a standing mixer, otherwise it'll take longer with a hand held.
prep time: 10mins to get ingredients out and beat batter. Because of my gorgeous yellow KitchenAid, it only took me 7mins to beat the mixture.
cooking time:
1hour 20mins. There were quite a few bungles with this recipe. For starters, I bought organic self-rising cake flour, which it specifically states, not self-rising. Guess I just saw self-rising and cake flour and bought that. Watch out for the word 'not'. I also forgot to thaw my berries so I just chucked em in - and they literally froze my batter. I had to use my hands to scoop it out like clay. And I also used a round cake tin, not a square baking tray. So I'm calling this an experiment, if it still comes out OK then it really is a foolproof recipe.
Total: 1hour 30mins.
Only 10mins active cooking.

4.5/5. I really love this. It is quite dense which I assumed would happen as I used frozen rather than fresh/defrosted berries, but I don't mind it. I used 4 cups of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and red currants - would not recommend more than 5cups as it skews the berry- to-cake ratio, and you may end up with a soggy cake. The cake is slightly sweet in almost a biscuit way, whilst the berries offer bursts of tartness, sourness and sweetness without feeling mushy. I has to put some foil on top of the cake after 50mins as it had already browned, I left it in for another 30mins to compensate for the frozen berries but that was probably around 10mins too long.

would I make it again:
Yes. Really yum and not that hard as I didn't even need to manually stir it.


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