Sunday, October 26, 2008

Salmon with fennel and pernod

The weather is suffocating and deceptive; through a window it looks overcast, chilly and ready to rain, step outside and you're slapped in the face with a hot sweaty palm.

The claustrophobic heat was only intensified by a shopping trip to the city. Despite the awkward weather there were shoppers swarming everywhere - not my idea of a good time. About an hour was all I could hack and then it was time to come home, rehydrate, and eat a light meal.

My father brought me back some fleshy salmon fillets from the Vic Markets (thanks Dad) so I settled on a simple dish using fennel and Pernod.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time:
10mins to toast seeds and prep ingredients.
cooking time:
15mins. 7mins for fennel and 8mins for salmon.
25mins. It is a really quick dish with minimal washing up.

5/5. I would give this a 4.5 as the recipe is, but as my dad and my partner both really loved this as well it deserves a 5.
The flavours were interesting and complimented the salmon without overwhelming it. I cooked the salmon skin side down for the instructed 5mins but found it only needed 3mins when flipped over - I also did not add the water. I increased everything by half to feed 3 people. I could only find two small fennels which were not enough and I diced 1 shallot which made about 2tbs. Next time around I would alter the following:
  • I would increase the amount of fennel seeds by 1/2tsp
  • I would add an extra 2tbs of Pernod - really wanted to taste this a little more
  • decrease the butter by 2tsp - I found the dish was a smidgen greasy
  • add 1/2 a fennel
would I make it again: YES. It was an absolute winner. With a few tweaks here and there this really will become a great dish to serve to guests.


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